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Battle Paint Description:
Countdown started to join paint wars. You can play this game alone or with one of your friends together to share excitement. Battle Paint is an exceeding shooting game made by Ironswine. Your job is to kill all paint blobs that try to attack you. Use WASD to move around and shoot with arrow keys. Good Luck!

Game Instructions:
Player 1 uses "W, A, S, D" for navigation and "T, F, G, H" to shoot 4 different directions. Player 2 uses "Arrow Keys" for navigation and "8, 4, 5, 6" from numeric keyboard for shooting. Your objective is exploding paint cubes appearing from a vortex in different points of the screen. Follow the score from right top. Each paint box will be scattered with the player's color who explodes it. Try to cover the platfrom completely with your own color. Hunt all paint boxes with correct and speedy movements.
1 Player: Use WASD keys to move. Arrow keys to shoot.
2 player: Player 1 WASD keys to move. TFGH to shoot. Player 2 Arrow keys to move. 8456 to shoot.

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