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Droptris Description:
Here's children's most popular nostalgic game Tetris's two player version. This is quite a standard Tetris game, but with different game modes. The marathon mode is the classical endless Tetris. In other modes you need to eliminate a certain number of lines in the shortest time possible.We hope you have fun.

Game Instructions:
After game has been loaded click "MULTI PLAYER" button to join tetris adventure with your friend. It's time to show who is best on Tetris. There will be a sliced screen and you will compete with your opponent. First player uses "W,A,S,D" keys and second player uses "Arrow Keys" to play. You know game rules as well. Place the pieces as well as possible to keep your area free.
1 Player Mode:
Player 1:
Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move.
Up Arrow Key - Rotate.
Down Arrow Key - Drop.
2 Player Mode:
Player 1:
A, D - Move.
w - Rotate.
S - Drop.
Player 2:
Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move.
Up Arrow Key - Rotate.Down Arrow Key - Drop.

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