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Karate Kamil vs Ninja Nejat Description:
Ananimated two player martial arts fighting game with nice graphics, cool moves and lots of fun.Ninja Nejat Karete Kamil are ready. Have you ever heard these names? Let’s meet them.

Game Instructions:
The game control buttons in the menu "controls" section you can learn. Shockwave 3D to play the game and have the program installed on your computer. Have fun hope.
Player 1 (Karate Kamil):
1-2 Move.
4 - Block.
3 - Block Down.
D - Punch.
C - Punch Down..
F - Kick Up.
G - Kick Stomach.
V - Kick Down.
B - Head Sroke.
X - High Kick.
Player 2 (Ninja Nejat):
Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move.
Up Arrow Key - Block.
Down Arrow Key - Block Down.
U - Punch.
J - Punch Down..
I - Kick Up.
O - Kick Stomach.
K - Kick Down.
L - Head Stroke.
P - High Kick.

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