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prince and princess elope-invincible version Description:
The prince of the fruit Kingdom fell in love with the princess of enemy country. they have no alternatives, the prince and the princess decide to elope. King learnt it and very angry, he assigns soldiers to catch them. along the way the king also set obstacles , you must help them to accomplish this ... ... As a royal member of fruit kingdom ,they have a special ability : eat fruit, to get the corresponding fruit ability. such as eating strawberry can walk in the magma, eat oranges can pass through the metal cubic ... ... And it can also win the corresponding color guard. hopes you will have fun!

Game Instructions:
using A, W, D, S keys to control the princess, use ←、↑、→、↓ " keys to control the prince. And it is necessary for game player to use your clever mind to helps the prince and princess determining when to eat the fruit, and to choose the right line, get enough gold coins; otherwise, it may failed, wish you good luck!

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